• Nobo wheels

    A set of wheels means you can quickly and easily convert your heater to a portable floor model. Roll warmth to where you need it and put your heater away when it suits you.

  • Nobo Sense

    Simple, robust energy savings with practical window sensor.

Diverse bilder

Diverse bilder


  • Nobo NCU 1R

    Simple control to adjust comfort temperature. Designed for use with Nobo Energy Control, but can also be used without a control system.

  • Nobo NCU 2R

    For setting comfort temperature, economy temperature and local override.

    Clear display with background illumination showing temperature and status.

    Intended for use with Nobo Energy Control, but can also be used without a control system.

  • Nobo NCU ER

    No local control. Intended for use with Nobo Energy Control. Ideal for kindergartens, schools and other buildings and rooms where it is necessary to avoid adjusting the temperature.

​Better comfort, lower electricity bills

Nobo thermostats give you more consistent heating and lower electricity bills.

The reason is simple: our thermostats are so precise that you avoid having to set them more than once, avoiding uncomfortable temperature fluctuations. Switching to new Nobo heaters with the new thermostat technology means you can save between NOK 1,200 - 2,500 per year, depending on your type of home.

Perfect heat

Nobo thermostats are very precise and are hardly affected by the temperature of the heater itself.

A common problem for thermostats is that they have to measure the temperature in the room while mounted on the source of the heat. In many instances, this means that the thermostat thinks it is warmer in the room than it actually is. That can result in the heaters being turned down and the temperature falling lower than you set it to. A drop of only a few degrees is needed before it starts to feel uncomfortable and you have to turn the heater up. The result is constant adjustment and unnecessary energy consumption, ending up in higher bills.

More precise than ever

Nobo's new thermostats are more precise than ever, and keep the temperature consistent at the setting you set, with the market's lowest temperature swing of less than 0.5 ℃.