How many Watts do I need?

The number and size of heaters you need depends on how well your home is insulated, how many windows each room has and the size of the area to be heated.

60 Watts per square metre

A good rule of thumb is to calculate on 60 Watts per square metre. A 600W heater is therefore usually sufficient for a room measuring 10 square metres.

The age of your home and where it is in the country will also count. 50 Watts per square metre are sufficient for a totally new house, whilst you should count on 70-100 Watts for older houses (from the 50s and 60s).  

One heater under each window

A large heater is generally better than a small one, as it will not use any more electricity than is needed anyway. It can also be an advantage to use several small heaters instead of one large one, as they will give better heat distribution. Ideally, we recommend one heater under each window to avoid a cold draught from the window.


What size heater do I need?

You need heaters totalling 1500W.

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