Nobo heaters

Where are Nobo heaters made?

Nobo heaters are made at our factory at Stjørdal in Nord-Trøndelag, Norway. 

Nobo, made in Norway!

What is heat control?

Heat control consists of systems that control the temperature in a home or other building.

A receiver on the heaters is used to regulate the temperature according to settings you have programmed. The system can also control other electrical devices, such as lights, coffee machine and engine heaters.

Heat control saves you money while you sleep or are away from home. Surveys show that control systems can reduce energy consumption by up to 25%. Around half of our energy bills are for heating on average, which means most consumers can significantly cut their bills by using energy more efficiently.

Nobo's control system has an efficient economy feature to save money and the environment.

Is there any benefit in having several heaters in the same room?

That depends on the room. Several heaters can distribute the heat better than one. As a rule of thumb, there should be one heater under each window.

How big does a heater have to be to heat x square metres?

That depends of course on how well your home is insulated. 60W per square metre is a good rule of thumb. Remember that it's better to have a heater that is too big than too little. The heater will not use more electricity than necessary anyway. Read more about how to choose the right heater. 

How can I find out which heater suits me?

Use our website to find a design you like. Measure up the room, and work out how much output you need at 60W per square metre. You can then choose the heater which meets your needs. The bigger the heater, the faster it will raise the room temperature. Read more about how to choose the right heater. 

Can I install it myself?

Yes, all our heaters are supplied with cable and plug.

How can I keep heating bills down without sacrificing comfort?

Firstly, make sure you have modern heaters and thermostats to maintain a consistent temperature. That means that you do not pay for more electricity than you need. Secondly, install a control system that will reduce the temperature a few degrees when you are not home. Significant savings can be made here!

Nobø Energy Control

Can I use my existing Nobo receivers?

Yes, if you have receivers for the Orion 700 (produced from 2006). Receivers for older Nobo control systems cannot be used.

Can I control all heater types?

All types of heaters can be controlled using the on/off switch, but the best functionality is obtained from integrated receivers (Nobo heaters made after 1997 and Siemens/Dimplex Unique, Classic or Topaz).

Can I control lights and other devices?

Yes, lights and other devices such as engine heaters and coffee machines can be switched on/off via an appliance receiver. 

Can I remotely control the heating with Nobo Energy Control?

Yes, it's easy to set up heat programmes to suit your household and to reduce the temperature in rooms you do not use, or to remotely control heaters via an app regardless of where in the world you are.

Can I remotely control the heating in my holiday home with Nobo Energy Control?

You can use Nobo Energy Control to control the heating in your holiday home as long as you have internet access at your holiday home. That means that you can arrive to a warm house without having to worry if you set the heaters to frost prevention last time you left. It also means that you can easily adjust the settings if your plans for a visit are suddenly changed.

Not everyone in the family has a smartphone. How do we get around that?

You can easily set up a battery-powered Nobo Switch panel, that allows anyone in the house to override the system.

Is it hard to upgrade the system when new functions are available?

No, when Nobo Energy Control is linked to the internet, upgrades are automatic. New versions of Nobo Energy Control App can be upgraded via App Store and Google play.

How much electricity can I save using Nobo Energy Control?

Independent surveys show that a reduction of 25% on electricity for heating can be expected if you reduce the temperature at night and when you are at work. Active use of override for other absences will increase savings even more.