Top quality

The Nobo Top is the heater of the future, thanks to the latest in heating technology and clean, modern design.

New technological platform

The Nobo Top is based on Nobo's brand new technological platform, and provides perfect heat with low energy consumption. The new technology sets the standard for the future of electrical heating with highly precise thermostats, energy-efficient solutions and optional external control using a smartphone or tablet. A range of innovations that make the Nobo Top a top of the range heater.

Superior thermostat technology 

Nobo's thermostats are very precise and much more stable than on other heaters at varying outdoor temperatures. When other heaters have trouble maintaining stable temperatures, the Nobo heater keeps to the indoor temperature set regardless of conditions outdoors. The result is more comfortable and economical heating, totally adjustable to your needs.

  • Perfect heat

    Nobo gives you the perfect heat - consistent and comfortable. No unpleasant temperature fluctuations. Set the thermostat at 21 ℃, and that's what you will get, 21 ℃ degrees despite fluctuations in the outdoor temperature.

  • Superior thermostat technology

    Nobo thermostats are hardly affected by the heater's temperature and therefore keep the temperature you want. Comfortable and economical.

Classic elegance

Nobo Top has a classic white steel front, giving it a modern, timeless look thanks to its uncluttered lines. Nobo Top fits into any interior and can be wall-mounted or stand on wheels to make your Nobo heater portable. It features top vents, which mean that cold air passing up the heater from the bottom is heated, rising as warm air from the top.

New technology, clean economy

Nobo Top is an advanced and energy-efficient heater. A precise thermostat means that you avoid adjusting the temperature - something that wastes electricity - and the night-time reduction setting helps you save even more. Standby consumption is the lowest on the market (less than 0.5 W). Overall, an average household can save NOK 1200 - 2000 per year. What's more, you can of course connect to Nobo Energy Control and Nobo Sense for even more savings and full heating control. Continuous updates of Nobo Energy Control mean that you benefit from highly advanced heating control for many years to come.

Tips when renovating!

Don't forget replacing your old heaters when renovating your home. Old heaters use more electricity and burn more dust than new heaters, which causes black marks on the wall above them. Many heaters also look outdated when remounted on a newly-renovated wall. Removing old heaters is an excellent reason to switch to new Nobo heaters for a better-looking interior and savings on the electricity bill.

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Technical data

Height: 20 cm og 40 cm

Output: 250 W - 2000 W

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