Our best selling heater, with over three million sold around the world. This traditional, Norwegian-made quality heater comes with a simple comfort thermostat, or a thermostat with Nobo Energy Control.

Good heat distribution

Nobo Series 8 is a modern flow-through heater with front vents designed to evenly distribute heat around the room. The result is comfortable heat regardless of where you are in the room. Nobo Series 8 does not burn dust when it heats up air, contributing to a healthy indoor climate.

Classic design

All visible corners are round on the Nobo Series 8 to give a pleasant appearance and create a kinder environment for everyone. It's also smaller than other heaters with similar performance to make it less dominant in the interior.

  • Nobo's best selling heater

    Over 3 million heaters sold means the technology is well-proven and quality assured.

  • Classic design

    The Nobo Series 8 is suitable for any environment, and its soft shape means it is safe for even the smallest children.

Real warmth

It does not take a big change in temperature before you can feel uncomfortable. Just a drop of a couple of degrees can be enough. The Nobo Series 8 keeps the temperature in the room consistent regardless of fluctuations in the outdoor temperature.

Easy to operate

Regardless of which thermostat you choose for a Nobo Series 8, it can be easily set to the required temperature using the user-friendly control panel. If you want full control over energy consumption, the Nobo Series 8 can of course be connected to Nobo Energy Control.

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Technical data:

Height 20 og 40 cm

Output 250 – 2000 W

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