• Nobo Energy Control

    Energy Control, made easy! 

Energy control,
made easy!

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Control the heating in your home

The Nobo Energy Control system is a wireless energy control system that allows the entire family to control the heating in their home using a smartphone or tablet. It's easy and quick to install, and once the system is ready, setting up heating programmes to suit the household is simple.

Lower energy consumption

Nobo Energy Control can reduce the cost of heating by up to 25%. Full control of your heaters makes it easy to reduce the temperature in rooms you do not use, or to remotely control them via an app regardless of where in the world you are.

Diverse bilder

  • Application

    You can download the app via App-store or Google Play.

  • Nobo Hub

    Central control unit for Nobo receivers. Controlled using an app for tablet and smartphone.

  • Nobo Switch

    Switch panel for simple Nobo Energy Control override.

    (Separate purchase)

Easy to use

Nobo Energy Control works with most Nobo thermostats and can be connected to other electrical appliances using an appliance receiver from Nobo (RS/RSX/RCE 700). You can then control coffee machines, stereos and other appliances that are handy to have readily available. Safe and simple.

Control your holiday heating

Nobo Energy Control also lets you control your holiday home heating if you have internet access at your vacation home. That means that you can arrive to a warm house without having to worry if you set the heaters to frost prevention last time you left. It also means that you can easily adjust the settings if your plans for a visit are suddenly changed.